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Pro Feet 2.0 Crew Socks- Black and White

Pro Feet 2.0 Crew Socks- Black and White


Pro Feet Performance Shooter 2.0 Crew Socks 238

The most technically advanced sock ever made. First we put Moisture Wicking Polypropylene throughout the sock to pull sweat away from the skin. Then we added StaCool ® Moisture Wicking nylon to the foot of the sock to ensure the feet stay dry. Dry feet are happy feet. Next we precision knit Endurall ® into the heel and toe making holes a "thing of the past". Then we added Foot Top Ventilation Shafts on the top of the foot to allow air flow which helps evaporate the moisture being pulled from the foot. Next we knit in Arch and Ankle Support Zones to keep your feet comfortable and stable thru the whole game. Finally we added Select Terry to the Achilles Zone for added protection. All 7 features creates a Full Foot Comfort that is unmatched!

65% Polypropylene
15% Spandex
12% Nylon
8% StaCool® 

Sold as a Pair

XS (Size 5-7)
S (Size 7-9)
M (Size 9-11)
L (Size 10-13)
XL (Size 13-16)

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