Natalie jernigan


Natalie was born and raised in Pace FL. Natalie has been playing volleyball for 10 years and has coached volleyball for 5 years. In high school, she also played basketball and ran track. Her senior year she was the only female senior selected to represent her high school in the regions "All-Star" game for basketball. Throughout her high school career, Natalie competed in the 3 regional races and 2 state races for her events in track. After high school, Natalie played volleyball on the collegiate level for two years at a college in Alabama. After her scholarship was complete she assisted her college volleyball coach for 4 years. 


Natalie comes to CCVC from the volleyball club La Vida Arena. In her spare time she runs volleyball camps and clinics, private lessons, and competes in local beach volleyball tournaments. Natalie is a dedicated coach that is willing to assist any player with improving their volleyball skills. She teaches players to interpret the game and analyze their movements to positively benefit the athletes mindset of the game.